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Comments and Help with statutory durable power of attorney
I am providing and giving this Power of Attorney for my own physical health care, care for my child for mental health care and care for my child's physical and emotional health. I, (name), hereby appoint and empower (name) or (his duly authorized agent who is duly authorized by his signature) to give you the powers and a right for each minor to make medical, behavioral, educational, educational, psychological, legal and other health care, medical treatment, health insurance coverage and other health care decisions concerning these minors. Furthermore, I understand and agree that under Section 20-2-103.3, if a minor refuses to make such health care, medical treatment, health insurance coverage, or health insurance coverage decisions for his/her minors, he/she may terminate this Power of Attorney and take whatever lawful action he/she has, as described therein, to get the minor to make such treatment decision. Furthermore, I confirm that, upon signing this Power Of Attorney, I have obtained my medical clearance to give legal power to this Power of Attorney. Furthermore, I hereby authorize and empower (name) or (his duly authorized agent who is duly authorized by his signature) to submit and file with court for the minor's health care decision. Furthermore, I also hereby acknowledge that (name) or (his duly authorized agent who is duly authorized by his signature) has given me the Power of Attorney and is fully and exclusively responsible for the Minor's health care decisions. Furthermore, I understand that, after making these health care decision, the Minor and/or you should not allow any person, health care professional, hospital, doctor, health insurance provider, court, guardian or attorney to make any changes to the Power Of Attorney and that it will be your responsibility to notify the court promptly should changes occur. This Power Of Attorney is effective until revoked or superseded by another lawfully executed Power Of Attorney.

Who needs a Texas Statutory Durable Power of Attorney?

A person who is going to grant their agent legal rights to dispose of their property in Texas should complete and sign the Durable Power of Attorney.

What is for?

This legal document allows the agent to act on behalf of the signer, carrying out operations with the signer’s property and representing signer’s interests in state institutions. Following transactions can be performed by the agent after signing the Durable Power of Attorney:

  • Real property transactions;
  • Tangible personal property transactions;
  • Stock and bond transactions;
  • Commodity and options transactions;
  • Banking and other financial institution transactions;
  • Business operating transactions;
  • Insurance and annuity transactions;
  • Estate, trust, etc., and any beneficiary transactions;
  • Claims and litigation;
  • Benefits from social security, Medicare, Medicaid, or other governmental, civil or military service;
  • Retirement plan transactions;
  • Tax matters.

Is accompanied by other forms?

Texas Statutory Durable Power of Attorney is a completely self-contained document, which does not require any accompaniment.

When is due?

Texas Statutory Durable Power of Attorney does not lose its validity even if the signer can no longer make their own decisions regarding the management of their property. This document can be amended or changed only by executing a new Durable Power of Attorney or through the termination process.

How do I fill out?

To withhold a power, a person who is filling out the form must cross out each power withheld from the list on the first page of the document. If no power listed is crossed out, it means that a person grants a general power of attorney to an agent with the right to perform or undertake any action that a person could perform or undertake by itself. In order to be completed, this form should be signed and dated.

Where do I send?

The original of the document should be transmitted to the person specified as an agent by this document.

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